Thursday , 14 December 2017

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Which one, new or old?

If you want to acquire something, you will choose which one, new or old?

Indeed every new thing has attractive points and new enjoyments, but if the age of relationships and friendships are older, they will be more constant. The reason is that the difficulties of our life determines loyal friends.

In friendship the important thing is loyalty, generosity, and honesty. Honesty is known by deeds of people not by words.

People show their frankly during the time in complicated and hard situations.

Sadi, one of great Iranian poets say: “It is not reasonable to disturb a friend that you achieve during your life.” It mentions the value of old friends.

We must respect such rare friends who have proved their honesty, purity, loyalty, and sacrifice.

Ali-bin-Abitaleb said: “Select from anything its new but from brothers and friends, olds.”