Thursday , 14 December 2017

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Discovering morality aspects of Islam: respecting children

Islam as a religion has positive view to children. We can see this fact in behaviors of Islamic leaders.

They believed that children are the next generation of society, therefore training and respecting them is training and respecting the future of society.

Prophet Mohammad respected children and acknowledged their presence in the society. One of his good manners was greeting children. About greeting children, there is an infinite number of narrations in Islamic sources.

Anas ibn Malik, one of the prophet’s companion, said, “The prophet passed by some little children, greeted them and gave them food.”

He says in another narration, “While we were children, the prophet came to us and greeted us.”

Imam Baqir narrates from the prophet that said, “There are five things that I will not give up to the moment of my death. One of them is greeting children.”

Playing with children is another way to connect with children and a method for training them.

It is narrated that Prophet Mohammad called some of children and told them,

“The fastest who comes to me will be rewarded.” The children raced towards him. He embraced and kissed them. Sometimes, he gave them a ride on his back and carried them on his shoulders.

However, in Islam, it has been advised that they are worthy of the same respect as an adult.

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