Monday , 11 December 2017

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Fruit of action

Fruit is the sign of type or complete growth of a tree.

The value of a tree depends on its fruit and it’s a criteria of its usefulness.

The human is not less than a tree. What reveals the spiritual value of everyone is his/her actions and behaviors. We can’t judge about people unless they didn’t show their actions in different situations.

Actions and behaviors derive from knowledge, intelligence, and insight.

In other side what makes knowledge valuable and distinguish wise people from others is actions.

Knowledge and action are like two wings, if one of them doesn’t work properly, we can’t fly to upper levels. Claims are many but actions show realities.

Action are like fruit of human and knowledge is like its roots.

Ali-bin-Abitaleb said:

“The man is not known but by his knowledge as if a strange tree is not known unless when it bears.”